Congratulations to the Winners

of the 2022 Port City Duck Dash!

Thank you to everyone who supported the Port City Duck Dash! 

All winners will be contacted starting Monday, April 11th to claim their prizes.

Please email or call 910-762-4744 ext. 126 with any questions.

Place Duck Number First Name Prize
1 4588 Lorraine $5,000
2 3021 Jen Topsail Condo
3 669 Onnika Wellness Pack 1
4 675 Nancy Tour of Wilmington
5 846 Stephanie $500 Gift Card to ReStore
6 195 Carol Wellness Pack 2
7 232 Marie $250 Gift Card to ReStore
8 4671 Robi $100 Gift Card to ReStore
9 216 Rosalie Gift Bag
10 1956 Sheila Gift Bag
11 927 Pam Gift Bag
12 392 Jessica Gift Bag
13 4201 Robin Gift Bag
14 768 Maud Gift Bag
15 804 Jackie Gift Bag

Join Us to Float Hope
For Homes and Communities!

The Port City Duck Dash is a rubber ducky race down the Cape Fear River! We are partnering with the Azalea Festival and will be holding the race on Sunday, April 10th, 2022 during Azalea Festival events. Our goal is to race 10,000 rubber ducks down the Cape Fear River! The top ducks will win amazing prizes, including exclusive gift bundles thanks to our amazing sponsors. The race lane will be created by floating nets to ensure that our racers don’t stray out of the race zone, and the ducks will be funneled to the end, where the winners will be caught as they cross the finish line!

The Duck Dash will begin at 4:00pm on Sunday, April 10th off the Riverwalk by Riverfront Park.  The first ducks to the finish line will be selected as the top ducks, and the winners will be contacted Monday, April 11th to claim their prizes.

All proceeds will benefit Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity’s efforts to provide safe, decent, affordable homes in the Cape Fear region.

Get Your Ducks!

① Adopt your duck today! Select your option below to enter the Duck Dash for your chance to win great prizes.  And don’t forget to add your free Duck Adoption Certificate printable during checkout!

② Receive your duck’s race number within 30 days. You will receive a confirmation email with your race numbers so you know if your duck wins!

③ Tune in for the first annual Port City Duck Dash on April 10th! The winning ducks will be posted that day.  If your duck wins, you will be contacted within 2 business days to confirm your prize.

All proceeds will benefit Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity and our efforts to provide affordable homeownership in the Cape Fear region.

Ducks Sold

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

10000 Ducks
6460 Ducks

Our Generous Sponsors


Where to Watch the Port City Duck Dash

You can watch the Port City Duck Dash from the Riverwalk along Riverfront Park.

All Proceeds will Benefit